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Parenting Support


Parenting can be challenging at the best of times.  Parenting and attending university as a single parent or a couple, can be even more challenging.  But life is full of challenges, and Acadia Pregnancy & Parenting Support is here to encourage and support you and your family.  We have many resources, educational tools and community supports ready for you. Some of our members are students who have faced similar situations and we understand.


You are not alone.  We are here for you.  Contact us today.



Acadia Pregnancy Support

Click on the image above for an encouraging story of one couple's journey of pregnancy and parenting at university, and what some said would be impossible: graduation.

Acadia Pregnancy Support

When Chaunie Brusie saw the blue positive lines on her pregnancy test, she panicked. At 21 years old, she had just started her senior year.  Brusie, now 27, has three kids, works as a nurse and is publishing a book about her pregnancy.  "You can still succeed and live your dreams as a mother." (Source)

Click on the image above to see how one new Mom was surprised by the support her college gave her for graduation!

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