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What to Expect

Thinking about contacting us for help, but unsure about what to expect?  Here's what will happen when you reach out to us.

Acadia Pregnancy Support
That first contact


  • Our Response You will receive a warm and prompt response. We would usually invite you to meet together with you in our office at the Student Union Building.

  • A Meeting You will meet with a couple of caring group members who will listen with sensitivity as you share your situation. Often, one of us will have had a similar experience to yours, so we understand some of what you're feeling.

    • To learn how we can help you best, we will ask you to fill out a brief form.  If you bring along a friend or partner, we will also ask them to do the same. 


  • If you have contacted us because you know you are pregnant and are looking for support, we will spend some time getting to know your specific situation, what support you already have and what is needed.  We have an extensive list of resources that we will share with you.  We will be available for you as long as you need our support and will help you connect with the resources you need.


  • If you have contacted us because you may be pregnant, we will explore that with you.  We want you to feel at ease with us, so we encourage you to disclose only information that you are comfortable sharing.

    • If you wish to take a pregnancy test, we will supply one for free and you may take the test in privacy.

    • We have accurate information on pregnancy which we will offer to share with you that  many have found helpful.

  • If you have contacted us for another pregnancy or parenting related service or resource, we will happily discuss your needs with you and try to help however we can!

  • Contact us today.  We are here for you.

  • Our help and resources are always free.

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